Buzz Buzz Buzz

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Buzz Buzz Buzz
Live album by The Primitives
Released 2001
Recorded 1986-1988
Genre Twee pop
Length 34:58
Label Neptune Records
Producer Various
The Primitives chronology
Bubbling Up -- BBC Sessions
Buzz Buzz Buzz
Thru the Flowers -- The Anthology

Buzz Buzz Buzz is a 2001 compilation album of BBC Sessions, by The Primitives. The track listing is identical to the BBC Sessions album, Bubbling Up, with different album art and liner notes. It features the songs recorded during four BBC radio sessions: for Andy Kershaw, recorded June 18, 1986; for John Peel, recorded September 30, 1986; Peel again, recorded March 31, 1987; and one more time for Peel, recorded April 17, 1988. It features a faster, less refined version of their highest-charting single "Crash", as well as a version of UK Top 100 hit "Stop Killing Me." Note that this album does not include all of the Primitives' radio sessions.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stop Killing Me" (John Peel Session 09/30/86)
  2. "Crash" (Andy Kershaw 07/17/86)
  3. "Spacehead" (Andy Kershaw Session 06/18/86)
  4. "Where The Wind Blows" (Andy Kershaw Session 06/18/86)
  5. "Across My Shoulder" (Andy Kershaw Session 06/18/86)
  6. "Buzz Buzz Buzz" (John Peel Session 09/30/86)
  7. "Shadow" (John Peel Session 09/30/86)
  8. "As Tears Go By" (John Peel Session 09/30/86)
  9. "Dream Walk Baby" (John Peel Session 03/31/87)
  10. "Ocean Blue" (John Peel Session 03/31/87)
  11. "Everything's Shining Bright" (John Peel Session 03/31/87)
  12. "She Don't Need You" (John Peel Session 03/31/87)
  13. "Things Get in the Way" (John Peel Session 04/17/88)
  14. "Keep Me in Mind" (John Peel Session 04/17/88)
  15. "Way Behind Me" (John Peel Session 04/17/88)