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Buzz and Tell[1] is a 5 minute long CBeebies programme created and produced by Jon Doyle of 'Impossible Kids.' It is a comedy puppet panel show following a format that parodies University Challenge. There are five contestants in each episode. Each show includes a 'missing word round', a 'picture round', a 'numbers round', and a 'sound round'. The winner receives a silly prize - Mr Biscuits won a wooden spoon in episode 28.[2]


Different contestants appear in different episodes. As of 22 December 2010, Mr Biscuits and Charles Cheese have appeared in every episode alongside Mr Flipstick the quiz master.

  • Walter Flipstick - He is the quizmaster of the show and a walrus.
  • Mr Biscuits - He is an unknown species (he looks like a rabbit, but he has a red nose, like a clown's) who is an expert in the subject of biscuits. He once invented a biscuit that bakes itself.
  • Charles Cheese - He is a mouse with a cheese fascination. Also, he is the smallest of all of the contestants.
  • Orange Bernard - Orange Bernard is a banana obsessed orang Utan. His greatest achievement is the ability to eat a banana sideways.
  • Ken Koala - Ken Koala is (as it says in his name) a very shy koala with an Australian accent.
  • Miss Honkover - She is an exotic showbiz bird.
  • Melanie Wiggles - She is a rabbit who studies carrots.
  • Karl - He is a chinchilla with a large knowledge of nuts. He is the only character that forgets to press his buzzer and what he was going to say now.
  • Henrietta Peck - She is an enthusiastic, but not very intelligent hen. She is the only character who didn't appear in Series 2.
  • B1N - B1N is a robot made from a pedal bin.
  • Callista Croak - is a frog who likes to keep fit.


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