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Býleistr ('bee-lightning', sometimes anglicised Byleist)[1] is the brother of Loki in Norse mythology.

Nothing is known about him apart from this kinship. Snorri Sturluson states in his Gylfaginning (34) that "[Loki]'s brothers are Býleistr and Helblindi", and several Eddic texts use the Loki-kenning "brother of Býleistr" (bróðir Býleists) (Völuspá, 51; Hyndluljóð, 40; Skáldskaparmál, 16).

Though not directly attested in any original source, scholars have considered Býleistr to be a son of Fárbauti and his consort Laufey, because they are mentioned as Loki's brothers.[2] However, their exact role in the ancient mythic complex surrounding Loki's family remains unclear.[3]


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