Bytown Boys Supporters Club

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Bytown Boys Supporters Club
Bytown boys badge.jpg
Founded 2011
Type Supporters' group
Location Ottawa

The Bytown Boys Supporters Club (BBSC) is a Canadian independently run supporters group based in Ottawa, with the mission of promoting the growth and support for soccer in the city. Founded in 2011, they were an officially recognized supporters club to Capital City FC of Ottawa[1] Ottawa Fury PDL,[2] and are the current supporters of Ottawa Fury Women and Ottawa Fury FC.[3]


Bytown Boys Supporters Club was founded in April 2011, in response to news of an expansion Canadian Soccer League (CSL) franchise being awarded to the city of Ottawa.[4] During their inaugural season with Capital City FC in CSL, the Bytown Boys generated a level of excitement and energy which rivaled the strongest supported teams in the league. This resulted in players, coaches, and the team itself offering praise to the supporters club, with team members such as Clint Irwin, Sullivan Silva, Kenny Caceros, Julian Edwards, Joel Bagby, and Shaun Harris commenting on the importance of the group in contributing to the home field advantage which saw Capital City play through an impressive inaugural season, culminating in an appearance at the final of the 2011 CSL season.[5][6] On March 23, 2012, Capital City FC announced it will not field a team for the following Canadian Soccer League season, leaving the Bytown Boys without a club to support[7]

The sudden adjournment of Capital City FC put the future of the supporters club in question. In April 2012, however, it was announced that the group had reached an agreement with the Ottawa Fury, an organization which features a PDL club with NASL expansion on the horizon.[2] During the 2012 PDL season, BBSC aided the Fury as they looked to continue the historical dominance they exert on their home pitch at Algonquin College Soccer Complex. This was a largely successful season for both the soccer club and the supporters group, with the Fury reaching the PDL Conference Semifinals.[8]

In 2013, the Bytown Boys further contributed to the Ottawa Fury's continued dominance on home ground, both at PDL games, and, for the first time, at Fury W-League games. They, along with the Stony Monday Riot and Fury Ultras supporters groups, will support the Ottawa Fury FC's inaugural season in the 2014 North American Soccer League season and the 2014 Canadian Championship.

BBSC player of the year[edit]

At the end of every calendar year, the Bytown Boys conduct an official vote to select the group's player of the year.

Year Player Nation
2011 Clint Irwin  USA
2012 Will Beauge  CAN


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