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César López
Origin Colombian flag Bogota, Colombia
Instruments Voice, Guitar, Drums, Piano
Website CesarLopez.org
Notable instruments

César López (born 1973) is a Colombian musician. is a composer, producer guitarist and pianist. he create the Battalion of Immediate Artistic Reaction, which consists of various other musicians and activists seeking alternatives to the ever-present violence that plagues Colombia and its capital of Bogotá. Whenever news of violent attacks in the country arrives, the group convenes on site and plays music for victims. Cesar Lopez is a NON VIOLENCE MESSENGER of UNITED NATIONS and Emissary of consciousness of AMNISTY INTERNATIONAL López is the creator of the Escopetarra, a largely symbolic musical instrument which is an AK-47 converted into a guitar.


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A Lopez Escopetarra on display at the United Nations Headquarters.

López's most well-known achievement is the Escopetarra, which are decommissioned AK-47s converted into guitars. So far, only a few dozen of these guitars have been produced, but upon completion, López intends to give the guitars to high-profile musicians across the world, such as Juanes, Fito Páez, Bob Geldof and Manu Chao, and to political and religious leaders such as Kofi Annan.


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