Province of Córdoba (Spain)

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Flag of Córdoba
Coat of arms of Córdoba
Coat of arms
Map of Spain with Córdoba highlighted
Map of Spain with Córdoba highlighted
Coordinates: 38°00′N 4°50′W / 38.000°N 4.833°W / 38.000; -4.833Coordinates: 38°00′N 4°50′W / 38.000°N 4.833°W / 38.000; -4.833
Autonomous community Andalusia
Capital Córdoba
 • President Francisco Pulido Muñoz
 • Total 13,769 km2 (5,316 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 13th
  2.73% of Spain
Population (2009)
 • Total 803,038
 • Rank Ranked 18th
 • Density 58/km2 (150/sq mi)
  1.78% of Spain
Demonym English: Cordovan
Spanish: Cordobés
Official language(s) Spanish

Córdoba (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkorðoβa]), also called Cordova in English,[1] is a province of southern Spain, in the north-central part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is bordered by the provinces of Málaga, Seville, Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Jaén, and Granada. Its area is 13,769 km².

Its population is 803,038 (2009), of whom more than 40% live in the capital, Córdoba, and its population density is 56.00/km². The province of Córdoba contains 75 municipalities.


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