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Côte d'Opale topographic map-fr.svg

The French Opal Coast covers the seaside holiday area of the Pas de Calais, from Bray Dunes in the north to Berck in the south, but also extends to Le Crotoy. It is known for its beautiful cliffs such as Cape Blanc Nez and Cape Gris Nez and for its wide area of dunes. Main towns well known in the area are :

Many artists have been inspired by its landscapes, among them the composer Henri Dutilleux, the writers Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens, and the painters J. M. W. Turner, Carolus-Duran, Maurice Boitel and Eugène Boudin. It was the painter Édouard Lévêque who coined the name for this area in 1911 to describe the distinctive quality of its light.[1]

Cape Blanc Nez seen from the beach
Sunset at Cape Gris Nez
Eugène Boudin's painting of the Dunes at Berck, 1890


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