C'est la vie, mon chéri

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This article is about the Chinese film. For the television series starring Fiona Sit and Chen Kun, see C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri (TV series).
C'est la vie, mon chéri
C'est la vie, mon chéri.jpg
DVD cover
Traditional 新不了情
Simplified 新不了情
Mandarin Xīn bùliǎo qíng
Directed by Derek Yee
Produced by Alexander Chan
Samson Ng
Written by Derek Yee
Starring Anita Yuen
Lau Ching-Wan
Music by Chris Babida
William Woo Wai-lap
Cinematography Peter Ngor
Tam Tsi-wai
Edited by Mei Feng
Release dates
Running time
105 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

C'est la vie, mon chéri (Chinese: 新不了情; pinyin: Xīn bùliǎo qíng) is a 1994 Hong Kong movie directed by Derek Yee Tung-Shing and starring Anita Yuen, Lau Ching-Wan and Carina Lau. It won six awards, including Best Picture, during the 13th Hong Kong Film Awards.


The movie is sometimes referred to as C'est la vie, mon chérie even though this is grammatically incorrect in French (either "mon chéri" for a man or "ma chérie" for a woman is grammatically correct). The title may be roughly translated as "That's life, my darling/love".

The original Chinese title refers to the classic 1961 Hong Kong film Love Without End (不了情) starring Lin Dai, with the word "new" (新) added in front of it. The storyline is similar, in that the female lead character is also diagnosed with a fatal illness.

An alternative English title is Endless Love.


Min (Anita Yuen), who is part of a Cantonese street opera troupe and a part-time cover artiste, meets Kit (Lau Ching-Wan), a struggling jazz musician who has just broken up with his celebrity singer girlfriend (Carina Lau). Through her bubbly personality, she affects Kit for the better. However, just as their relationship begins to stabilize and win acceptance from Min's family, which includes a strict mother and a doting, saxophone-playing uncle, Min is re-diagnosed with bone cancer, which she had once suffered as a young child.


13th Hong Kong Film Awards

  • Won: Best Picture
  • Won: Best Director (Derek Yee)
  • Won: Best Actress (Anita Yuen)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actress (Petrina Fung)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor (Paul Chun)
  • Won: Best Screenplay (Derek Yee)
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Lau Ching-Wan)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Carrie Ng)
  • Nominated: Best Art Direction
  • Nominated: Best Costume Makeup Design
  • Nominated: Best Original Film Music
  • Nominated: Best Original Film Song

30th Golden Horse Awards

  • Nominated: Best Director
  • Nominated: Best Original Screenplay
  • Nominated: Best Actress
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor
  • Nominated: Best Film Music

Cast and roles[edit]

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Title song[edit]

The title track of the same name Endless Love (Chinese: 新不了情; pinyin: Xīn bùliǎo qíng) is sung by Taiwanese singer One-Fang.

Movie Soundtrack[edit]

  • One-Fang: 新不了情 "Endless love"
  • Bo-Bo Fung: 念情 "Nian qing"
  • Film score: 晨街 "Morning street"
  • Film score: 忆儿时 "Childhood memories"
  • Li Fong: 摇红烛 "Shaking the red candle"
  • One-Fang: 给我一个吻 "Give me a kiss"
  • One-Fang: 不了情 "Love without end"
  • Film score: 爱芽初萌 "Shoots of a budding love"
  • Film score: IN THE MOOD
  • Ju Jun Li Ya and Deng Jie Ling: 载歌载舞/诈肚痛 "Singing, dancing | Fake abdominal pain" (Cantonese)
  • Li Fong: 补镬佬 "Remedial guy" (Cantonese)
  • Film score: 返家 "Back Home"
  • Bo-Bo Fung: 黎明在望 "Dawn is in sight" (Cantonese)

Television Series[edit]

In 2008, Derek Yee and CCTV produced a television adaptation of C'est la vie, mon chéri, starring Chen Kun, Fiona Sit, Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Candice Yu, and Hui Siu Hung.

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