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C-Note (middle) in the studio with friends- 2014-05-05 12-22.jpg
Courtney (middle) in the studio with friends
Background information
Birth name Courtney Smith
Also known as The Original Clover Gee
Origin Houston, Texas, United States
Genres Gangsta rap
Years active 1994-present
Labels Big Shot Records, Clover G Records
Associated acts Screwed Up Click, DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Flesh-N-Bone, Botany Boyz
Website C-Note at Myspace

Courtney Smith, also known by his stage name C-Note, is an American rapper from Texas, active on the Houston screw scene. He was formerly a member of the Botany Boyz, part of the Screwed Up Click scene first started by DJ Screw. His first album, Third Coast Born, was an underground success, eventually reaching #67 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip Hop albums chart.[1] The album was revamped and re-released in 2000, and this also peaked at #91 on the same chart.[2] C-Note has released several albums since then, and made numerous guest appearances (including with Fat Pat, Lil' Flip and Z-Ro). His fourth full-length, Network'n, was released in 2006.[3]


  • Third Coast Born- Lp (Big Shot Records1999)
  • Third Coast Born 2000- Lp(Big Shot Records 2000)
  • Third Coast Born 2000 (Screwed)- Lp (Big Shot Records 2000)
  • Street Fame- Lp (Big Shot Records / Red Light District 2003)
  • "Thought of Many Ways"- double cd ( Big Shot Records 1997)-Botany Boyz
  • Tales From Da Clover -mix tape (Big Shot Records 2005)
  • Network'n- Lp (Big Shot Records 2006)
  • "Smokin N' Leanin" -Ep ( Big Shot Records 1995)-Botany Boyz
  • "100% Beef"- mix tape (Big Shot Records 2005)
  • "Forever Botany"- Lp ( Big Shot Records 2000)-Botany Boyz
  • "Forever Botany"- (screwed)Lp (Big Shot Records 2000)-Botany Boyz


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