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C.L.I.F. 3
Genre Police procedural
Written by Seah Choon Guan 谢俊源
Tang Yeow 陈耀
Cheong Yan Ping 张彦平
Directed by 方傢福
Starring Li Nanxing
Qi Yuwu
Rui En
Joanne Peh
Elvin Ng
Tracy Lee
Cavin Soh
Opening theme 一念之差 by ah5ive
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin, with some English dialogue
No. of episodes 25 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Chong Liung Man 张龙敏
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original channel Mediacorp Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 Widescreen
Original release 9 April 2014 – 13 May 2014
Preceded by The Caregivers
Followed by World at Your Feet
Related shows True Heroes (2003)
C.I.D. (2006)
Point of Entry (2010)
C.L.I.F. (2011)
C.L.I.F. 2 (2013)
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C.L.I.F. 3
Traditional Chinese 警徽天職3
Simplified Chinese 警徽天职3

C.L.I.F. 3 (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, or 警徽天职3) is a police procedural series produced by MediaCorp Singapore in 2013 in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force, following off from C.L.I.F. 2. It has premiered on 9 April 2014 on free-to-air channel MediaCorp Channel 8 at 9 pm (Singapore Time). There will be 25 episodes.[1][2] It is also the first C.L.I.F. season to use aerial photography. Crime-prevention tips have also made its return, becoming the fifth series in which News Tonight commentaries are not announced.

The series topped the viewership charts for 2014, with an average viewership of 1,027,000 viewers, for six months until the title was replaced by Three Wishes, making it second. It is also the second series at 9pm after Soup of Life to break the 1 million mark.


More heart-stopping cases with twists and turns, more exciting scenes of police pitting their wits and might against criminals. And see how law enforcers carry out their tasks with concerted effort and strategy, and how, apart from fighting against criminals and overcoming the onslaught of tricky situations, they deal with their true feelings that surface in the face of love, friendship and kinship.

They epitomise courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness. In carrying out their duties, what are the difficulties, blood and tears, grit and struggles that they have to endure?

The series continues several story lines from the first and second seasons, but it delves further into the relationships of the characters. Yaojia has been promoted a rank. He and his girlfriend, later fiancée, Xin Yi, are back together again. Xin Yi has since been transferred to the Traffic Police Department and struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder from her time overseas with the UN after witnessing an incident there. Zhijie and Lantian are married and the latter has transferred from the Forensics Branch to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Guixiang and Xiaoyang return from the first season and it is revealed that they are now with the Traffic Police Department. Fugitive Chen Yanjun, a former psychiatrist and Season 2's main villain, returns with a vengeance to settle scores with Lantian.


The characters names are in both Chinese and dialect (if any) romanization.

Main cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Li Nanxing 李南星 Wei Lantian 魏蓝天
ASP Wee Lam Tian
Officer-in-charge of Team A, Specialised Crime Division, CID
Husband of Zhijie
Terence Cao 曹国辉 Yang Zhongzheng 杨忠正 Main antagonist
Best friend of Lantian during NS
Arrested in Episode 25 for murder.
Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 Tang Yaojia 唐耀佳
SSI(2) Tang Yew Jia
Senior Investigating Officer at Special Investigation Section, CID
Xinyi's fiancé
Rui En 瑞恩 Huang Zhijie 黄芷婕
SSI Ng Tze Keat
Officer-in-charge Team C of Special Investigation Section, CID
Wife of Lantian
Joanne Peh 白薇秀 Liao Xinyi 廖心怡
ASP Leow Xin Yi
Deputy Head Investigation, Traffic Police Department
Yaojia's fiancée
Elvin Ng 黃俊䧱 Zhang Guixiang 张贵祥
SSGT Teo Kwee Xiang
Patrol Officer, Traffic Police Department
Xiaoyang's ex-boyfriend
Jelly's boyfriend
Tracy Lee 李美玲 Han Xiaoyang 韩晓洋
INSP Han Xiao Yang
Senior Investigation Officer, then resigned and transferred to Traffic Police Department
Guixiang's ex-girlfriend
Xing-an's girlfriend
Cavin Soh 苏智诚 Jimmy Dai Dadong 戴大东
Jimmy Tai
Senior Investigation Officer in Tanglin PD
Lantian's partner
Arrested and imprisoned in Episode 25 for leaking information.

Supporting cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Allen Chen 陈讳伦 Qiu Xing-an 邱星安 DPP in the Attorney-General's Chambers. He prosecuted Xiaoyang's cousin Han Junxi who was involved in a traffic accident that killed Yanjun's parents. Han Xiaoyang's boyfriend.
Jayley Woo 胡佳琪 Liao Zhenting 廖贞婷
Jen Leow
Xin Yi's half sister
Fell from a height and sustained life-threatening injuries in Episode 18 after Yao Jia gave chase to her, succumbed to her injuries and died in Episode 19.
Zheng Geping 郑各评 Zhang Yuanyao 张源耀 Commissioner of Police. Appeared in episode 2 to distribute overseas service medals to Liao Xin Yi and others after they returned from their UN Peace Keeping tour. Appeared again on episode 25 on their promotion.
Sora Ma 马艺瑄 Jelly Weng Xuanmei 翁选美 Living with Guixiang. Assistant of Lulu's nightclub after being arrested for suspect prostitution at her former workplace. She is also a singer at that nightclub. Retrenched after Lulu was arrested and the KTV Lounge raided.
Wang Yuqing 王昱青 Zhang Zhiming 张志眀 Guixiang's Father. He is nicknamed "Spider Ming" due to his connection and knowledge of many gangs. Guixiang loathes him a lot Yaojia is his friend but does not reveal his police identity to him. Surrendered to the police in Episode 22 for extortion and intentional injury.
Hong Huifang 洪慧芳 Luo Lulu 罗露露 Lady boss of a nightclub. Lantian's Biological Mother. She admitted this fact in Episode 15.
Pierre Png 方展发 Chen Yanjun 陈彦均
Chan Yin Kwun[3]
Former psychiatrist
Wanted in C.L.I.F. 2 for his crimes; Main villain (Part 1)
Died in Episode 6 after getting shot by Lantian.
Bonnie Loo 罗美仪 Yang Hongxi 杨红夕 Long-lost teenage daughter of Yang Zhongzheng whom he had been searching for the last decade. Her mother was a Thai local who helped Yang Zhongzheng out of the jungle during a trek. Yang Hongxi was sold off to vice rings and eventually ended up in Singapore as an underage prostitute. She was arrested during a raid and was reunited with her father before returning to Thailand.


C.L.I.F. 3 is nominated for 1 award in the Asian Television Awards 2014. It also earned 10 nominations for 9 awards Star Awards 2015, winning Best Music & Sound Design.

Award Artiste Results
Asian Television Awards 2014, Best Supporting Actress Sora Ma Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Music & Sound Design Gao Jun Wei & Zheng Kai Hua Won
Star Awards 2015, Best Theme Song 《一念之差》 by ah5ive The Band Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Director Png Keh Hock Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Screenplay Tang Yeow, Cheong Yan Peng, Seah Choon Guan Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Favourite Onscreen Couple Li Nanxing & Rui En Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Favourite Onscreen Couple Qi Yu Wu & Joanne Peh Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Actor Qi Yu Wu Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Actress Joanne Peh Nominated
Star Awards 2015, Best Drama Serial C.L.I.F. 3 Nominated
Star Awards 2015, London Choco Roll Happiness Award Sora Ma Nominated


  • The series held its lensing ceremony on 14 November 2013.
  • Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are the only two cast members to have appeared in all three seasons so far.
  • This is the first series where Elvin Ng and Rui En had scenes together, but would not be coupled.

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