C. C. Zain

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C. C. Zain
Elbert Benjamine AKA C. C. Zain.gif
Born Elbert Benjamine
Occupation astrologer, author
Known for The Sacred Tarot

C.C. Zain, also known as Elbert Benjamine and born Benjamin Parker Williams, (December 12, 1882 - November 18, 1951) was a prominent astrologer, occult author, and the founder of the Church of Light. His interest in occultism began when, at the age of 18, he joined the Brotherhood of Light, where he studied occult and spiritual topics, eventually becoming one of the organization's leaders. In 1915 he moved to Los Angeles, where he founded the Church of Light and taught esoteric subjects.[1]

He began writing the 21 courses of the Brotherhood of Light lessons on the three branches of occult science in the spring of 1910 and completed them in 1950.[2]

He studied at Iowa State University to become a naturalist.

For twenty five years, he served as the President of the Southern California Nature Club. He was also responsible for the construction of a bird sanctuary in Los Angeles, CA.


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