C. J. Parker

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"CJ Parker" redirects here. For the wrestler that is also named CJ Parker, see CJ Parker (wrestler).
Casey Jean Parker
Baywatch character
Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker
First appearance (Season 3, Episode 1) (1992)
Last appearance Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003)
Portrayed by Pamela Anderson
Nickname(s) C.J.
Gender Female
Occupation Lifeguard
Significant other(s) Matt Brody, Cody Madison
Nationality United States

Casey Jean Parker - "C.J." is a fictional character from the TV series Baywatch. Portrayed by Pamela Anderson, she was one of the more popular characters in the series.


David Hasselhoff, the executive producer and star of Baywatch, offered to Pamela Anderson the role of C.J. Parker, a lifeguard. Pamela was immediately attracted to the role because of the "New Age thinking" that she shared with the character - including an interest in crystals, meditation, and dream interpretation. For example: in the Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding reunion movie, C.J. reveals her biggest interest is in meditation.

The character C.J. Parker also appeared in commercials for DirecTV.


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