C. K. Jaffer Sharief

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C. K. Jaffer Sharief
CK Jaffer Sharief.png
Minister of Railways
In office
21 June 1991 – 16 October 1995
Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao
Preceded by Janeshwar Mishra
Succeeded by Ram Vilas Paswan
Member of the Indian Parliament
for Bangalore North
In office
Preceded by K. Hanumanthaiah
In office
Succeeded by H. T. Sangliana
Personal details
Born 03-November-1933
Political party Indian National Congress
Spouse(s) Smt. Ameena bi
Children 2 sons, 2 daughters
Residence Bangalore
Website http://ckjaffersharief.com/
As of 6 April 2009
Source: [1]

C. K. Jaffer Sharief is an Indian politician from Karnataka. He is one of the seniormost Indian National Congress leaders. He was the Railways Minister in the Government of India from 1991–95.[1]


Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief was born at Chellakere Taluk of Chitradurga District. His father was Shri.Kareem Saheb and Smt.Zahera Bie was his mother, Smt.Amina Bie was his wife. He has two elder sisters, four younger sisters and one brother. He completed his schooling at Chitradurga High School. Freedom struggle and active participation in Congress Sevadal were the main hurdles to continue his education and that became the entrance to public life. He had agitated nationalism. “Less education and more worldly awareness” is quite apt in his case of which the mountains and loads of Chitradurga’s are the witnesses.

Young Jaffer Sharief was molded by the one united Karnataka Sculptor (Karnataka Shilpi) most respected leader Shri.Siddavanahalli Nijalingappa’s influence. When Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief became the Union Railway Minister, at Chitradurga town hall in one of the facilitation ceremony presiding the function, Shri.Nijalingappa expressed that “In Independent Indian history he had not seen the best railway minister except Shri.Jaffer Sharief”. There will not be any better certificate than this to express Jaffer Sharief’s best character.

Congress Sevadal was the preliminary platform for Jaffer Sharief to enter into politics. Jaffer Sharief always remembers Chitradurga’s Vasudev Rao who was Dr.N.S.Hardikar’s most close worker and Dr.S.N.Subba Rao who worked as mediator among Chambal dacoits were the two important people who were responsible for his political career. In the year 1952 he entered in to politics. In the youth congress he drew the attention of party senior leaders. He served as leader in Congress camps, as party secretary and later on rendered his valuable services in various positions.

In 1962 the then Prime Minister Pandit Nehru invited Jaffer Sharief for a dinner party which was the occasion to expand his political career. Then he got introduced to Smt.Indira Gandhi also. In 1969, congress got divided, Jaffer Sharief stood-by Congress (I). “When it comes to political issues and taking any decisions, Jaffer can take the best decision”, tells state senior congress leader Sadiq Ali, also says Jaffer Sharief as “Veteran Politician”.

He had represented Bangalore North constituency seven times, the efforts taken by Jaffer Sharief in the establishment of International Airport at Devanahalli is unforgettable. He has immense respect towards all the party workers and is proud and has immense love towards the party workers and the voters of Bangalore North constituency as they choose and elected him several times. The party workers treat him as their elder brother and shared their problems and difficulties with him.

Shri.Jaffer Sharief as minister for railways has done lot of achievement and service to the country is immense, commendable and memorable. In the entire country he converted the railway lines into single gauge i.e., unigauge made him popular in the entire country. When the central government was in financial crisis, he sold the scrap irons in the railway department and created 2000 crores of rupees which he utilized for the entire gauge conversion in the country which is an example to prove his working ability. He also established the Railway Recruitment Board separately for Karnataka state which opened the doors for the candidates in the state to take part in the railway jobs. Recently at Jammu & Kashmir railway line which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister was initiated by Jaffer Sharief. Starting the Konkan Railway line, Chitradurga-Raidurga Railway connection, Hubli-Karwar Railway project, etc. were some of the new projects which he initiated apart from presenting railway budget and he did one or the other developmental activities to almost all the parliamentary areas wherever he represented which made him most beloved.

Even though he was the coal minister for a very short period, he understood the important departments of the state like coal, iron, fuel and the interdependence of these departments and recognizing the smooth functioning of these departments is most vital for which supply of coal was most essential, supply and production of electricity was taken care in almost all the fuel areas including Raichur.

The national religious, social, political and other areas are facing a critical situation, which is bothering Jaffer to a greater extent and he is worried and pained about the future of the country. His wish is to see that the rich heritage of our country is developed; people should do lot of hard work and live peacefully & prosperously thereby protect the sovereignty of our country. With his rich and vast experience he has maintained the virginity and purity in his public life and naturally such services of his is most essential to the people of the country.

Non-controversial (Ajathashatru): meaning to say that “a person with no enemy” :

When it comes to the developmental issues Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief will never mix politics with progress. Be it any party person and/or dignitaries he used to invite them to participate in all the railway function, etc. In addition to it, he used to invite popular personalities, poets and social workers also to participate in railway functions which made Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief a person with no enemy.

As far as our knowledge goes, being the railway minister and became a popular figure like any admired cine star. Popular Kannada cine stars like Dr.Rajkumar, Dwarkish, Sarojadevi and others have a lot of respect towards Shri.Jaffer Sharief which is commendable. Dr.Rajkumar who never used to attend any functions would attend the functions invited by Jaffer because of the respect he had for the commendable work done by Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief in the railway department, which is now a history. On the occasion of completion of 75 years of living of Shri.C.K.Jaffer Sharief, the various implemented developmental activities and list of various projects undertaken by him would be the guidelines to the upcoming politicians, is our wish. We can find in this being a layman, in this democratic setup, how a layman would be able to think as to how he can contribute to the economic and social development of his country.


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