C1q domain

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C1q domain
PDB 1o91 EBI.jpg
crystal structure of a collagen viii nc1 domain trimer
Symbol C1q
Pfam PF00386
Pfam clan CL0100
InterPro IPR001073
SCOP 1c28

In molecular biology, the C1q domain is a conserved protein domain. C1q is a subunit of the C1 enzyme complex that activates the serum complement system. C1q comprises 6 A, 6 B and 6 C chains. These share the same topology, each possessing a small, globular N-terminal domain, a collagen-like Gly/Pro-rich central region, and a conserved C-terminal region, the C1q domain.[1] The C1q protein is produced in collagen-producing cells and shows sequence and structural similarity to collagens VIII and X.[2][3]


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