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C2 or a derivative (C-2, C2, etc.) may refer to:

Mathematics and physics[edit]



Codes or abbreviations[edit]

C2 may be a code or abbreviation for:


  • C2 Green Tea, a Universal Robina Philippines manufactured drink
  • Carling C2, an alcoholic drink, with 2% alcohol, hence its name
  • Coca-Cola C2, a soft drink launched by The Coca-Cola Company in 2004

Transportation and space[edit]

Military and aviation[edit]

  • C2A1, Squad Automatic Weapon variant of the FN FAL formerly in Canadian Service
  • C-2 Greyhound, the Grumman cargo aircraft of the United States Navy
  • ACAZ C.2, a Belgian prototype fighter aircraft of the 1920s
  • AEG C.II, a German World War II armed reconnaissance aircraft
  • AGO C.II, a German reconnaissance biplane of World War I
  • Cierva C.2, a 1921 Spanish experimental autogyro
  • DFW C.II, a WWI German reconnaissance aircraft
  • Fokker C-2, the American military version of the Fokker F.VII aircraft
  • HMS C2, a British C class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • Kawasaki C-2, a military transport aircraft
  • LFG Roland C.II, a 1915 advanced German reconnaissance aircraft
  • LVG C.II, a 1910s German two-seat reconnaissance biplane
  • USS C-2 (SS-13), a C-class submarine of the United States Navy
  • USS Charleston (C-2), a protected cruiser of the United States Navy
  • A military term for Command and control


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