CAM the Ram

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CAM the Ram
CAM the Ram CSU v NM 10-28-2006.jpg
University Colorado State University
Conference MWC
Description Rambouillet sheep
Origin of name contest
First seen 1947

CAM the Ram is a live bighorn sheep that is the mascot of the athletic teams of Colorado State University.[1] In 1946 an alumnus won a contest to name the mascot CAM, referring to the name of the school Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College.[1][2] The first school mascot was introduced in 1947. The 21st version of CAM is a Rambouillet sheep. It has made over 250 appearances and will be retired in 2011 at the age of seven.[3] The 22nd CAM has been chosen and will replace the current version in 2011.[3] CAM runs at the beginning and at half time during home football games. Currently, there are eight Ram Handlers that take care of CAM the Ram.

There is also a costumed CAM the Ram. The newest version was unveiled in October 2010.[4]


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