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For the biblical location, see Carem.
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CAREM (Spanish: Central Argentina de Elementos Modulares) is an Argentine nuclear reactor designed by CNEA (National Atomic Energy Commission).


The reactor was first developed as a request of the Argentine Navy to power the TR-1700 class submarines of German design.[1] In 1984 it was presented publicly for the first time during an IAEA conference in Peru.[2] For political reasons the project was halted but was relaunched by the 2006 Argentine nuclear reactivation plan.

A 25 MWe, pressurized water reactor version of CAREM is currently being built near Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant as the first prototype, and a second one of 100-200 MWe is planned to be installed in Formosa Province.[3][4] As of 2013, the first prototype is planned to receive its first fuel load in 2017.[5]

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