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The CARTER Ratio (CAR Time Efficiency Ratio) is an 'annually variable' constant in the Australian F1 in Schools Time Trial Scoring Formula:

Team Score = (55pts/(CARTER–Fastest Time))x(CARTER–Team’s Time)

This formula is used to calculate the points a team is awarded in the time–trial races section of any state or national final of the Australian F1 In Schools Technology Challenge.

The current years CARTER Ratio is calculated based on the time trial race results from the previous years Australian F1 in Schools Technology Challenge events.[1]

The formula results are used to calculate the team with the fastest time trial time and they are awarded the maximum mark of 55 points. The slowest time is awarded 0 points (Zero points)using this formula. The CARTER Ratio influences the 'spread' of marks between fastest and slowest. It ensures that a team achieving a very competitive race time, say only a few thousands of a second behind the fastest, scores points that reflect their cars performance. Teams are rewarded for the speed of their car compared to the fastest time set as opposed to scoring points based on their rank.


The following table is an example of how points would distributed against a sample set of time trial results:[2]

CARTER Ratio = 1.454 seconds

Race Time Team Score
1.380 20
1.254 32
1.162 46
1.228 36
1.153 47
1.142 49
1.105 55
1.124 52
1.111 54
1.137 50
1.113 54

In practice this formula is used in conjunction with an additional logic expression that resolves the minimum possible score awarded as 20 points.


The term "CARTER Ratio" should be written CARTE Ratio but is so called similar to "ATM Machine" or "PIN Number".

Carter is also the surname of a 'not for profit' company Re-Engineering Australia Forum's (REA) CFO. REA runs the F1inSchools Technology Challenge in Australia and New Zealand. REA plays a strategic role in the coordination of the F1 in Schools program globally. REA CFO David Carter was quoted as saying he had "broken" 7th Grade Math when scrutinising the F1 in Schools Time Trail Score Formula.[citation needed]


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