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Developer(s) CA Technologies, Inc
Stable release 9.3 / Oct 2013
Operating system Windows, Linux, Solaris
Type Network management system
License Commercial
Website CA/Spectrum

CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager is a network infrastructure management software by CA, Inc. Spectrum enables the modeling of LAN, WAN, wired, wireless, physical and virtual networks.


Spectrum provides features such as network auto-discovery, impact analysis, service level management and automated configuration change management. It is capable of automatically identifying all network assets, and generating a network topology map that displays all network elements, down to their physical and logical ports. Spectrum is capable of determining and representing the root cause, and impact, of a network fault.


Spectrum was originally developed at Cabletron Systems, Inc, in 1991. In 1999 the Spectrum business unit became a separate company, Aprisma Management Technologies. The main goal of this division was to erase industry perceptions that the technology was tied to Cabletron's hardware.[citation needed] Up until this division other companies, such as Cisco, saw Cabletron as a competitor and were reluctant to work together with it.[1] Cabletron was later divided into Enterasys and Riverstone, and Aprisma was sold by Enterasys to Gores Technology Group following an United States Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.[citation needed]

In January 2005, Concord Communications, Inc, announced its intent to acquire Aprisma from Gores.[2]

CA, Inc. acquired Concord Communications, Inc, including its Aprisma Management Technologies subsidiary, on June 7, 2005.[3]


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