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CBOSS Corporation (Convergent Business Operation Support System) is a telecom company primarily based in Russia and with offices located in Finland, UAE and Vietnam. CBOSS Corporation, also known as CBOSS Group, develops IT solutions for automation of telecommunications enterprises.

One of three biggest Russian mobile operators, MTS used CBOSS billing solution from 1998 until 2004, when it switched to FORIS OSS-IN from STROM Telecom company [1][2]

In 2004, CBOSS was rated as 11th biggest IT companies in Russia by CNews.ru.[3] In 2006, CBOSS Corporation was recognized as the #1 IT-provider of integrated solutions for telecommunications in EMEA by Informa Telecoms Group [4]

In February 2004, CBOSS acquired On-Line Billing Solutions subsidiary of Fujitsu Services Oy and its product - rtBilling (CBOSSrtb) prepaid billing system. This system was used by several mobile operators: Britain O2, Australian Optus, Canadian Rogers, Austrian One GmbH and Columbian Colombia Movil.[5][6][7]

In 2008 CBOSS was selected by German MVNECO GmbH to provide IT infrastructure and IT solutions to implement mobile virtual network activities.[8][9]

According to The Telegraph, CBOSS is "famous at [the Mobile World Congress] for its scantily-clad, dancing hostesses." The company would offer dates with the women to attendees that accepted business meetings. The event organizers banned CBOSS in 2012 for a breach of contract.[10][11]


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