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Cc Tasty 45g.png
Tasty Cheese CC's
Type Tortilla chip
Place of origin Australia
Creator Snack Foods Limited
Main ingredients Corn
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CC's (pronounced cee-cees) is a brand of flavoured tortilla chips created by Snack Foods Limited and produced since the early 1980s by the Australian food company Snack Brands Australia (a division of The Real McCoy Snackfood Co.).[1] CC's are predominantly sold in Australia and come in assorted flavors. CC's were also sold in New Zealand until Bluebird Foods (the owner of the CC's brand in New Zealand) decided to bring in the American brand Doritos[2] in March 2010. The chips are made of ground corn, vegetable oil, and seasoning. The full ingredients list is vegetable oils (sunflower, palmolein), milk solids (cheese powder), food acids (270, 330, 331), flavour enhancers (621, 627, 631), starch (wheat, maize), vegetable powders (onion, tomato, garlic), salt, sugar, herbs, spice (cumin), flavour (natural and nature identical), yeast extract, vegetable extract (soy, wheat), antioxidants (304, 306).


CC's have three main flavours, original, tasty cheese and nacho cheese. From time to time CC's release tangy BBQ flavor.


CC's have been marketing with the tagline "You can't say no" since the early 1980s with the most notable campaign featuring The Simpsons in 1998. Since Arnotts sale of Snack Foods Limited, CC's have been marketed as being 100% Australian owned and made.

Simpsons commercials[edit]

CC's dare 14: Escaping a water tank

In 1998, The Simpsons featured on a set of television commercials with each commercial involving Homer Simpson wanting Bart Simpson's CC's, so Bart would make Homer do an outlandish stunt (a dare) to get them. Homer would never succeed because of Bart. Each commercial ended with a pun on the famous tagline "You can't say no" with Dan Castellaneta saying "CC's - you can't say..." and then Homer would say "D'oh!".

Even though the commercials only ran on Australian television, they have been included in the DVD release of The Simpsons season 10.

Dare number Description
2 Homer must run through the Power Plant naked, but he trips on a power cord and causes a town-wide blackout.
9 Homer skydives from a plane and must land it, but lands in a trampoline factory and bounces back up to the plane. Homer grabs Bart's chips, but Bart opens Homer's parachute, sending him flying backwards.
14 Homer must escape from a water tank while straight-jacketed and chained.
23 Homer has to jump off a cliff into the ocean. As soon as he emerges from the water, he sees his swimming trunks have come off.
38 As part of the dare, Bart performs a magic trick by cutting Homer in three. However, Homer can't eat the chips while separated.
65 Homer must walk across burning coals, but Bart has not lit them yet.

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