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The CDLSE (Clearance Divers' Life Support Equipment) is made by Divex in Aberdeen, Scotland.[1] It is an electronic closed circuit rebreather designed to be silent and non-magnetic. It allows diving to 60 metres (200 ft) using air as diluent, or up to 120 metres (390 ft) using heliox and trimix.[2]

Some sources describe it as a "Stealth Clearance Divers Life Support Equipment".[3]

As of June 2007, the Royal Navy plan to use it to replace the Carleton CDBA.

It is also used by the French Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy .

Its absorbent is designed to last four to six hours. Designed to work with either a bite mouthpiece and standard half mask, or with Divex's proprietary Dual Mode Mask.

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