CDT da Anhanguera

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CDT Anhanguera
Complexo Anhanguera
Genre Television and film production company
Founded 1996
Headquarters Osasco, SP, Brazil
Owner Grupo Silvio Santos

The Centro de Televisão da Anhanguera, popularly known as CDT da Anhanguera is the second largest center of television production in the Brazil and is the headquarters of the SBT. The complex is second only to the Projac of the Rede Globo. Opened in 1996 and is located in the city of Osasco in the Greater São Paulo.[1]


While Projac (Rede Globo) has 399 thousand square meters, the CDT Anhanguera (SBT) has 231 square meters.


The CDT da Anhanguera has 11 studios, sewage drainage, electric power substation, a restaurant, snack bar, bank branch, convenience store, fitness center, internal transportation, medical and dental center, helipad, parking for 700 cars and as well as multi-sport courts.[2]


Input of CDT da Anhanguera.

Recording of Programs in Other Places

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