CERH European Roller Hockey Championship

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CERH European Roller Hockey Championship
Comité Européen de Rink-Hockey Logo.png
CERH logo
Founded 1926
Region Europe (CERH)
Number of teams 7
Current champions  Spain (16th time)
Most successful team(s)  Portugal (20 times)
Website CERH Official Website
Alcobendas 2014

The CERH European Roller Hockey Championship is a roller hockey competition contested actually by seven European countries, happening every two years. It's organized by the Comité Européen de Rink-Hockey. The current champions are Spain, for the 16th time winning the European Championship, but despite the actual dominance by the spanish team, it's Portugal who holds the record for most titles, with 20 of them.



Year Host city Gold medal icon.svg Gold Silver medal icon.svg Silver Bronze medal icon.svg Bronze 4th Place
1926 England Herne Bay England England  France  Germany   Switzerland
1927 Switzerland Montreux England England  France   Switzerland  Germany
1928 England Herne Bay England England  France  Germany   Switzerland
1929 Switzerland Montreux England England  Italy  France  Germany
1930 England Herne Bay England England  France  Germany   Switzerland
1931 Switzerland Montreux England England  France   Switzerland  Italy
1932 England Herne Bay England England  Germany  France  Portugal
1933 Not played
1934 England Herne Bay England England  Germany   Switzerland  Italy
1936[1] Germany Stuttgart England England  Italy  Portugal   Switzerland
1937 England Herne Bay England England   Switzerland  Portugal  Italy
1938 Belgium Antwerp England England  Italy  Belgium  Portugal
1939[1] Switzerland Montreux England England  Italy  Portugal  Belgium
1947[1] Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Belgium  Spain  Italy
1948[1] Switzerland Montreux  Portugal England England  Italy  Spain
1949[1] Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Belgium
1950[1] Italy Milan  Portugal  Italy   Switzerland  Spain
1951[1] Spain Barcelona  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Belgium
1952[1] Portugal Porto  Portugal  Italy  Spain  Belgium
1953[1] Switzerland Geneva  Italy  Portugal  Spain   Switzerland
1954[1] Spain Barcelona  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Belgium
1955[1] Italy Milan  Spain  Italy  Portugal   Switzerland
1956[1] Portugal Porto  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1957 Spain Barcelona  Spain  Italy  Portugal England England
1959 Switzerland Geneva  Portugal  Spain  Italy England England
1961 Italy Turin  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Netherlands
1963 Portugal Porto  Portugal  Spain  Netherlands   Switzerland
1965 Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Netherlands
1967 Spain Bilbao  Portugal  Spain  Netherlands  Italy
1969 Switzerland Lausanne  Spain  Portugal  Netherlands  France
1971 Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1973 Germany Iserlohn  Portugal  Spain  Germany  Italy
1975 Italy Viareggio  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1977 Portugal Porto  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1979 Spain Barcelona  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Netherlands
1981 Germany Essen  Spain  Portugal  Netherlands  Italy
1983 Italy Vercelli  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Netherlands
1985 Portugal Barcelos  Spain  Italy  Portugal  Netherlands
1987 Spain Oviedo  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1990 Italy Lodi  Italy  Spain  Portugal  Netherlands
1992 Germany Wuppertal  Portugal  Italy  Spain  Germany
1994 Portugal Funchal  Portugal  Spain  Italy   Switzerland
1996 Italy Salsomaggiore  Portugal  Italy  Spain   Switzerland
1998 Portugal Paços de Ferreira  Portugal  Spain  Italy   Switzerland
2000 Switzerland Wimmis  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
2002 Italy Florence  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
2004 France La Roche-sur-Yon  Spain  Italy  Portugal   Switzerland
2006 Italy Monza  Spain   Switzerland  Portugal  Italy
2008 Spain Oviedo  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
2010 Germany Wuppertal  Spain  Portugal  France  Germany
2012 Portugal Paredes  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
2014 Spain Alcobendas

^ This tournament was also considered a World Cup.

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Portugal 20 13 8 41
2  Spain 16 15 5 36
3 England England 12 1 0 13
4  Italy 2 11 21 34
5  France 0 5 3 8
6   Switzerland 0 2 4 6
6  Germany 0 2 4 6
8  Belgium 0 1 1 2
9  Netherlands 0 0 4 4

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