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The CESG Listed Adviser Scheme is a programme run by CESG, to provide a pool of information assurance consultants to government departments and other public-sector bodies in the UK.[1]

CLAS consultants advise on systems that handle protectively marked information, up to and including SECRET;[2] for instance, they may advise on GSI accreditation.[3] CLAS consultants hold a security clearance, at least SC.[4]

CLAS consultants may develop risk assessments in line with IS1, and risk management and accreditation document sets (RMADS) in line with IS2.[5]

In 2011, entry to CLAS was closed;[6] while a replacement system was being designed. By 2013 'new' CLAS was implemented and open for membership.[7] although, As of July 2013, the website for online applications was "down for maintenance".[8] CLAS requires that members are CESG Certified Professionals.

CESG Certified Professionals (CCP)[edit]

The CESG Certified Professional (CCP) scheme recognises the expertise of those working in the Information Assurance and Cyber Security arenas in both government and industry.[9] It sets the standard for IA professionals working in this sector and provides a rigorous and independent assessment of the competence of IA professionals. CCP status is an endorsement of IA expertise and confirms that information risk in support of your business is managed in a balanced and pragmatic way. CPP is planned to replace CLAS as the existing CESG scheme is wound down in 2016.

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