CFS Chibougamau

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Canadian Forces Station Chibougamau
Coordinates 49°56′53″N 74°20′35″W / 49.94804°N 74.34310°W / 49.94804; -74.34310 (CFS Chibougamau C-42)
Type Radar Station
Code C-42
Site information
Controlled by  Royal Canadian Air Force
Site history
Built 1960-1962
In use 1962-1988
Built by  Royal Canadian Air Force
CFS Chibougamau is located in Quebec
CFS Chibougamau
CFS Chibougamau
Location of Canadian Forces Station Chibougamau, Quebec

CFS Chibougamau, or RCAF Station Chibougamau (pre-1967), housed the 10 Radar Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force). The facility was a military radar installation in Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada, that formed part of the Pinetree Line. Shortly after opening, in 1963, it was converted to semi-automated operation using the NORAD SAGE system. The station was operated exclusively by the Royal Canadian Air Force.[1]

Construction took place from the summer of 1960 until the end of September 1962. It officially opened on May 1, 1962, and closed some time in 1988.[2]


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