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CGA (Advanced Management Center) manages the Andalusian ICT schools Network. That system has been installed in more than 7,000 schools integrated in the same network and it is managed using open source in a central way.

It has been created by the Andalusian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía).

CGA was created to isolate technical problems implicit in the ICT use and to let the users develop teaching activities. CGA centralices all the support to the schools network and creates solutions adapted to the Andalusian teachers and pupils needs.

CGA purpose is to make the educational community use and enjoy the ICT based on an open source without taking care of the administration, maintenance and configuration of the technical elements, and without the need of having advanced technical knowledge.

ICT is used at schools as an additional tool to develop the teacher's job. To learn using computers.

Andalusian Educational Policy Framework[edit]

The Andalusian Regional Government launched the Bill of Measures to Propel the “Knowledge Society” in Andalusia (“Decreto de medidas de impulso a la sociedad del conocimiento en Andalucía” [1]) on the 18th of March 2003, a singular and groundbreaking law in terms of its contents, scope and the philosophy which inspired it. This bill has as its main goal the establishment of the measures needed to contribute to Andalusia’s full incorporation into the “Knowledge society”, and consequently, to achieve a higher standard of living, a better territorial balance and a more competitive and widened productive sector in Andalusia.

To fulfil this basic aim, the bill establishes a series of concrete, diversified and scheduled measures. In the educational sector the objectives are the following:

  • First objective: To guarantee all citizens of Andalusia access to ICT, regardless of their place of residence and social status.
  • Second objective: To facilitate access to the information and services provided by the regional administration through the Internet.
  • Third objective: To adapt basic public services, particularly education and health related ones, to the demands and potential of the “knowledge society”.

Incorporation into the “knowledge society” is as important as the way in which it takes place. The spread of free software, by means of Guadalinex distribution, insures incorporation into the “knowledge society” in a framework of marked solidarity, cooperation, equality, and freedom.

The Andalusian ICT schools Network is the result of a work that began in 1985 with the Alhambra Plan. The graphic shows the different projects that Andalusian Government made in Andalusia until Andared Project started. The Andalusian Networking belongs to Andared project.

The project evolution[edit]

The graphic shows the ICT schools Networking's evolution in ICT schools and PCs.(Computers)

CGA Services[edit]

  • To answer the incidents and questions of all schools (CAU-TIC: help Desk.
  • To adapt Guadalinex for the schools uses. To develop Guadalinex Educación.
  • To develop software in order to offer new services for the schools.
  • To deploy all software in order to be used at the schools.
  • To evaluate hardware and software before being integrated in the network.

ICT schools network[edit]

It is the Andalusian ICT schools network. This network consist of more than 7000 schools integrated in the same network. It is managed in a centralized way using open source software by the CGA.

All ICT schools are integrated in a same network, the Junta de Andalucia's corporative network. The rest of the Andalucian Government branches are in that network too, but they are not managed by CGA.

ICT school Equipment[edit]

The Andalusian Government distributes one computer for each two pupils. They also install equipment for teachers, administration staff, school library and the parents associations.

The equipment includes two servers, one server for the content and another one for security. All this, makes possible to use a lot of services that CGA and the open source community develops for them.

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