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City of license Toronto, Ontario
Slogan My Community Radio Station
Frequency 105.5 MHz (FM)
First air date June 1, 1986
Format campus radio
ERP 158 W
Callsign meaning C H Radio York
Owner Board of Directors of CHRY Community Radio, Inc.
Website CHRY

CHRY-FM is a Canadian radio station. It is the campus radio station of York University, broadcasting over FM on 105.5 MHz in Toronto, Ontario. It has come to serve as a community radio station for the residents of the Jane and Finch corridor in North Toronto.


CHRY was originally founded as a closed-circuit cable radio service, called Radio York, in 1965, and was located on the top floor of Vanier College and served campus residences and the cafeteria located at Central Square. On June 1, 1986, upon successful application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for a broadcasting licence, began to broadcast as CHRY at 50W, with a transmitting antenna located on the top of Vanier College's residence building. As well, on this day, it became incorporated as CHRY Community Radio, Inc.

In 1997, it moved from its old Vanier College studios to the fourth floor of York University's Student Centre, where it is today. This move was financed by a $40,000 loan from the undergraduate student association, which was forgiven four years later.

A limitation to CHRY was that its licence was Class B, which effectively meant that it was "unprotected" legally from claims of signal interference, effectively requiring it to cease operations if another broadcasting interest was affected in some way by CHRY's operation. However, in 2006, the CRTC accepted CHRY's application to reclassify its licence from "Class B" to "Class A", thus effecting "protected status" for the radio station.

Today, CHRY serves the community of North Toronto. While its programming reflects the diverse nature of that community, more than one-third of its schedule is devoted to the music and culture of the Caribbean. It employs two full-time staff, several other part-time staff, and is supported by the work of over one hundred volunteers from both York's student body and the surrounding community.

Financial support[edit]

CHRY is supported in part by student levy (contributions via the York University Graduate Students Association and York Federation of Students (YFS)), through occasional grants aided by the granting of charitable status to CHRY, York University through occasional workstudy grants, and by its dedicated listenership through pledges. The rest of its funding is advertising revenue.

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Coordinates: 43°46′32″N 79°30′10″W / 43.77556°N 79.50278°W / 43.77556; -79.50278