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Virgin calgary new.png
City of license Calgary, Alberta
Branding "98-5 VIRGIN Radio"
Slogan "Calgary's #1 Hit Music Station"
Frequency 98.5 MHz (FM)
First air date 2002
Format Top 40 (CHR)
ERP 100,000 watts
Class C
Transmitter coordinates 51°03′54″N 114°12′50″W / 51.065°N 114.214°W / 51.065; -114.214
Owner Bell Media
Sister stations CKMX, CJAY-FM
Website 98-5 Virgin Radio

CIBK-FM (98-5 VIRGIN Radio, formerly Vibe 98.5) is a contemporary hit radio station based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Bell Media outlet operates at 98.5 MHz FM with an effective radiated power of 100 kW.

CIBK is currently ranked #4 according to the Fall 2011 PPM Data report released by BBM Canada. [1]


The station received approval by the CRTC in 2001.[2] When CIBK made its debut in 2002 as Vibe 98.5, they thought they would become the city's first R&B/hip hop outlet, but they were beaten to the punch by CKIS (KISS 96.9) by about a month. This would spark a format war in Calgary, with both stations making potshots at one another. On April 1, 2003, CKIS would bail out and abruptly change to the Jack FM format, leaving CIBK as the victor.

However, CIBK would also go through an evolution of its own as they transitioned to a rhythmic contemporary direction by 2003, and to their current mainstream top 40 direction by 2004. CIBK still played R&B/hip hop product (although at a reduced rate), and also incorporated pop and dance into the mix, in part due to its license with the CRTC that now requires the station to be programmed as a CHR outlet. Because CIBK was anticipated for years prior to its launch to be Calgary's long awaited urban station, it had faced much criticism for bailing out to a Top 40 format leaving many of the station's hip-hop/R&B fans disappointed and let down by Standard.

CIBK was part of the acquisition of most of the assets of Standard Broadcasting by Astral Media that was completed on October 29, 2007. Under Astral, CIBK dropped the rhythmic lean.

On April 1, 2010, Astral Media registered the domain names,, and, which many speculated would be a branding change for CIBK to become a part of the Virgin Radio branding in Canada.[3] This was confirmed on the Vibe Morning Show's June 23, 2010 broadcast, and the rebranding took place on June 30 at 12 PM MDT,[4] and will retain its Top 40 format. It is the second Virgin Radio station with a mainstream top 40 format after Toronto's CKFM-FM. The last song to be played on "Vibe" was "Goodbye" by Kristinia DeBarge, while the first song on "Virgin" was "California Gurls" by Katy Perry.[5]The station is currently competing with CKMP-FM.

CIBK-FM is the longest-tentured contemporary hit radio station in Alberta still having the format today, only Edmonton's CKNG-FM (now adult hits since 2004) had the longest-tentured format from 1991-2003.

As part of the merger of Astral and Bell Media approved by the CRTC on June 27, 2013, CIBK is now owned by Bell Media.

VIRGIN Radio Shows & Hosts[edit]

Current Hosts & Shows[edit]


  • The Virgin Morning Show with Marc, Danaye, and Fuzzy - Monday-Friday 5:30-10am
  • On Air with Ryan Seacrest - Monday-Friday 10am-2pm
  • Tyler Hall - Monday-Friday 2-6pm
  • The Danny Kid Show - Monday-Friday 6-10pm
  • TJ - Wednesday-Friday nights 10pm-1am, Saturday & Sunday noon-5pm
  • AT40 with Ryan Seacrest - Saturday 8am-noon, Sunday 5-9pm
  • "The 20" with Ace Burpee - Sunday 10am-noon
  • The Hit Mix with DJ Starting from Scratch - Saturday nights 9pm-2am

VIRGIN Morning Show[edit]

The VIRGIN Morning Show runs on weekday mornings from 5:30am to 10:00am Mountain Time. It is hosted by Marc Michaels, Danaye Maier, and Fuzzy.

Former co-hosts were Jackie Bojakli (left in 2006), Kelsey Moore (left in late March 2007), Chad Martin (left February 23, 2009, but remains as station program director as "Boss Chad"), Marc Michaels & Dani Rohs (both left in June 2011), and Adam Wylde (left in February 2013).

On February 19, 2013, Marc Michaels returned to the show to replace Adam Wylde, who left to host afternoons at Rogers' CKIS-FM.

The morning show runs several contests where listeners phone in to participate and win prizes. It also runs several segments such as "Celebrity Sleaze".

Among the many parodies the VIRGIN Morning Show plays, they have parodied In da Club to create the more popular "In da Dome" in 2004 (with revised versions for 2006, 2007, and 2009) when the Calgary Flames were in their Stanley Cup runs (along with She Bangs by Ricky Martin, parodied as The Flames). They have also parodied SexyBack for the Flames' Stanley Cup run in 2007, Low in 2008, and Right Round in 2009.


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