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CIIT – Philippines College of Arts and Technology
CIIT logo.png
Established 2007
Type Private, Non-sectarian
President Elson Niel S. Dagondon
Location Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
Former names Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology (2007–2013)
Affiliations Anino Games, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Wacom, Autodesk, Adobe

CIIT – Philippines College of Arts and Technology, formerly Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology, is a private, non-sectarian college in the Philippines that offers specialized and industry-based learning in the fields of multimedia arts, computer graphics, 3D animation, game development, software engineering, and information technology.

It is located in Quezon City, Philippines. Niel Dagondon is the President.


CIIT College of Arts and Technology was established in 2007 as Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology by Niel Dagondon.[1] He is the founder and chief executive officer of Anino Games,[2] a pioneer third-party game developer in the Philippines, and the director of Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP).[3] Founded in 2007 in response to the outsourcing boom and the shortage of qualifiedFilipino IT and multimedia professionals,[4] Anino Games partnered with technological organizations to establish an ideal school that will meet the practical demands of the Philippine workforce.[5] CIIT stresses practical knowledge and applications as much as theories to students.

In 2008, CIIT introduced itself as a technical-vocational school offering two-year diploma courses and specialist programs to students in digital arts and IT. Its first diploma programs include Computer Graphic Design, Multimedia Application, Software Engineering, Network Design, and E-business. Three years later, 3D Animation and Game Development were added to its list of course offerings.

CIIT is a previous member of the Cosmopoint Education Group from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia[6][7] and a partner of Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University (KLMU). Through these tie-ups, students were given the option to proceed with their diploma courses, continue their studies in KLMU, and earn an International Bachelor’s Degree in Malaysia.

Academic Programs[edit]

In 2013, however, the college has developed its own curriculum and acquired certification from the Commission on Higher Education to have its own bachelor’s degree programs. These are Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts with specializations in Digital Graphics Design, 3D Visualization, and Video and Motion Graphics; and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specializations in Software Engineering, Game Development, and Network Design.

Along with the two bachelor’s degrees, it also offers six diploma courses that are ladderized to the bachelor’s degree courses, including Multimedia Arts, Computer Graphics, 3D Animation, Game Development, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. CIIT also offers double diploma programs in Digital Design and Computer Science, which give students the option to choose two diploma courses and complete them for a minimum of three years.

Besides diploma and degree programs, the school also offers specialist classes in multimedia, web design, 3D animation, and game development. In addition, CIIT offers corporate training to companies needing customized instruction regarding the use of the latest software applications.

Starting January 2014, students can also enroll in its newly CHED-accredited BA Multimedia Arts Program. This will allow them to apply for a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Arts or Computer Science. They can choose from among these specializations:

BA Multimedia Arts

  • Digital Graphics Design
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • 3D Visualization

BS Computer Science

  • Software Engineering
  • Game Development
  • Network Design


From 21 students in 2008, the school's student population increased by 500% on its second year of operation. In 2014, there are about 500 students for all its courses.

Industry-Based Education[edit]

The college adapted an industry-based curriculum to expose and prepare students for real life career activities. Its curriculum, which was co-designed by CIIT, Anino Games, and other industry partners,[2] provides a specialized teaching method that conforms to the technical needs of contemporary companies for digital arts and information technology in the Philippines.


On January 31, 2011, Zero Degree, a group of Multimedia Arts course students from CIIT, won as runner-up in the video making contest launched by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Zero Degree is composed of CIIT students Vanz Kristian Lavado (Director), Francis Arandez (Asst. Director), Dennis Angelo Canizo and Jerivic Antonio (Cameramen), Alexander Jerome Tantoco (Story), Jerick Roncal and Mhike Balutan (Crew), Aprille Jane Delminguez (Script Writer), Raymund Sabado (Propsman), and Ammon Schroth Guanzon (Cast). Zero Degree’s entry titled “The Last Drop” aimed to promote the importance of water conservation. The three-minute film depicted the predicaments of water insufficiency.[8]

Meanwhile, two CIIT software engineering students were also awarded professional certification after passing IBM’s DB2 Certification Examination. Earth Ponce D. Maniebo and Karl Lorenzo M. Moskito were both awarded and recognized as IBM Certified Academic Associates on March 10, 2012.[9]

In October 2012, Oliver Santiago was named as one of the winners in the Hyundai POP (Pride of the Philippines) Art Contest, an art competition organized by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI). His entry, “Drive with Pride”, a tribal art with the fusion of modern pop art concept, won a trophy, a cash prize of 50,000, and special Hyundai merchandize. Among the 800 contenders, he and 14 others were chosen to feature their artworks in the Hyundai 2013 Calendar and limited edition Hyundai merchandises.[8]

In the same year, Santiago’s submitted artwork titled “Freedom” also graced the 2012 booklet cover of Graphika Manila, an annual multimedia and graphic design event in the Philippines.[10] His second entry, “World of Doodle” also made it to the book, together with other digital illustrations and photos from contributing artists locally and abroad. Copies of the 2012 booklet were distributed to over 2,000 design professionals and students who came in attendance to the said event. This story was also published in the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 5, 2012.[11]

It was also in 2012 when alumna Ana Patricia Victorino Mendoza, widely known as Ana Victorino, was featured in "Manila Standard Today" as a makeup guru. With her makeup artistry, Ana is able to glamorize a seemingly common face. Her very first makeup tutorial video on YouTube, "Everyday Makeup Tutorial," was uploaded on January 3, 2012 and it reached about 100,000 hits just after six months.

Meanwhile, in September 2013, "Manila Bulletin" featured the photography of Multimedia Arts student Sam Morales in its Picture Perfect lifestyle section.[12] Morales focused on the "sparkling eyes and (their) innocent smiles" of the young people she used as her subject.

Events and Traditions[edit]

PH.antasya is an annual art contest developed by CIIT, which aims to encourage and recognize students with individual passions for arts and design. The art competition is open to all graduating Filipino high school students and is composed of three categories (traditional arts, digital arts, game development) with two or three winners per category.



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