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City of license Fredericton, New Brunswick
Frequency 93.3 (MHz)
Format tourist information
Owner Jack McGaw and Robert Stapells
Website Information Radio Fredericton

CIRC-FM is a tourist information radio station in Fredericton, New Brunswick that broadcasts at 93.3 FM. The station, licensed in 2004,[1] is owned and operated by Jack McGaw and Robert Stapells. The station reportedly ceased broadcasting on February 10, 2010, however the station is still broadcasting on the FM dial along with online. [2]

On August 11, 2010, Instant Information Services Incorporated received approval from the CRTC to change the authorized contours of the English language low-power FM tourist radio programming undertaking CIRC-FM Fredericton by relocating its transmitter site within Fredericton and by increasing the effective antenna height above average terrain from 32 to 38 metres. All other technical parameters will remain unchanged.[3]

Technical issues[edit]

On May 12, 2012, CIHI-FM, owned by Newcap Broadcasting received CRTC approval to operate a new English language FM radio station at Fredriction. The new station will operate at 93.1 MHz which is an adjacent frequency to CIRC-FM's 93.3 MHz. Instant Information Services Incorporated will have to find another FM frequency to avoid interference with the new CIHI-FM station. [4]

Fondation Radio Enfant[edit]

The call sign CIRC was previously assigned to a short term licensee in Gatineau, Quebec, [5] which was licensed to provide a francophone children's radio service on 96.5 FM for the duration of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie in 2002. The 96.5 frequency in Gatineau was later reassigned to CFTX-FM, and Fondation Radio-Enfant was granted a permanent AM license in Gatineau in early 2007 for what is now CJEU.


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