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CIT may refer to:

New Manufacturing Technology[edit]

  • Computer Integrated Technology , Advance Technology for the working in Manufacturing Sector In India
  • Computer Integrated Technology ,New manufacturing possibilities have been created by rapid technological progress in electronics and telecommunications. The rapid development of technology facilities applications of programmable automation and Computer Integrated Technology (CIT) arises from the confluence of these supply elements (technology) and demand elements (flexibility, quality, variety).

New Technology for use Manufacturing System[edit]

Other organizations[edit]

• Shop-floor data collection, • Interface to any NC/CNC system, • Handling manufacturing management functions such as rescheduling job flow and saving shop-edited programs, • Electronic mailing throughout the plant and office, • Creating database-accessible files using shop-floor data, and • Working in varies operating environments (Dos, Unix).

Engineering & Technology[edit]

environment of many developed countries is under threat from emerging industrialized countries. Today, the capability of producing high quality products with shorter delivery times and the ability to produce according to the diverse customer requirements have become the characteristics required of order-qualifiers for manufacturing industries, Hence.

Computer Integrated Technologies[edit]

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