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CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd. (Public, SHE:000099) is principally engaged in the provision of offshore helicopter oil services, general aviation transportation services and aviation maintenance services. It is a part of CITIC Group.

CITIC Offshore Helicopter operates its businesses primarily in Shenzhen and Zhanjiang (Guangdong Province), Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, China.

For 2008, CITIC Offshore Helicopter conducted 22,834 flights, logged 19,271.4 flight hours, transported 210,198 passengers and approximately 2.36 million kilograms of cargo.[citation needed]

As of 2011, COHC[clarify] operates at least 8 Eurocopter EC155B1, 9 EC225LP, 10 AS332L2, 2 AS365B2 and 2 EC135.

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