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CJ Crew are a dance music DJ duo, consisting of Chris Bucknall and John Briely. Other aliases include Big Vin & Hugh Jardon, Chi K Monkey, Chi K Munki, Connie and the Plainsman, Demanche Noir, Muff and the Munchers, Nancy and the Boys, The Orff Ki Ensemble, Pyan Issim, Pynck Hobo, Terry and the Physicist, Umi Ghoulies, and Wine.[1]

CJ Crew have made a number of appearances on Toshiba EMI's Dancemania compilation albums, mainly those of the Speed sub-series, and on several soundtrack albums for the Dance Dance Revolution series and Martial Beat series. Their first appearance on the Dancemania series was on the 2000 compilation of Dancemania Speed 4 with two remix tracks, one being "Change The World" and the other being "Livin' La Vida Loca".[1]

Chris Bucknall also appeared as a keyboardist on Pete Haycock's 1987 album Guitar and Son,[2] and DJ Angel's two albums, Love Thing and Tell Me On Sunday, both issued in Germany in the mid-2000s.[3] John Briley produced a compilation album, entitled Brainwaves, issued in the United Kingdom in 1978.[4]



  • Speed : 4 (2000), 6 (2001), 7 (2001), 8 (2002), 9 (2002), 10 (2002)
Best 2001 Hyper Nonstop Megamix (2000)
Speed G : 1 (2003), 2 (2003), 3 (2004), 4 (2005), 5 (2005)
Classical Speed : 1 (2002), 2 (2004)
Christmas Speed (2003)
Speed SFX (2003)
Speed Deka (2004)
Speed TV (2004)
Speedrive (2006)
Speed Buyuden (2006)

DDR Soundtrack[edit]

  • Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Original Soundtrack (2001)
  • Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Original Soundtrack (2001)
  • Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection Original Soundtrack (2003)