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CKY may refer to:

  • CKY (band), a rock band from Pennsylvania; CKY referring to "Camp Kill Yourself".
    • CKY (video series), a series of videos released by Bam Margera, named after his brother's band
    • CKY Crew, the people originally involved in the CKY videos, and then on MTV's Jackass and Viva la Bam
  • CKY-DT, a television station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, associated with the CTV television network
  • CKY-FM, an FM radio station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is the successor to the most recent CKY (AM)
  • A call sign formerly also associated with radio stations in Winnipeg that are now known as CITI-FM and CBW (AM)
  • CYK algorithm, sometimes written as "CKY"
  • Conakry International Airport, IATA code CKY