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CMUNE logo
Type Private
Founded March 2007
Headquarters Beijing, China
Key people Ludovic Bodin, Shaun Lelacheur Sales, Benjamin Joffe, Yong Joon Hyoung, Tommy Franken, Gabriel Weyer, Jerome Scola, Eamon Logue
Industry Online games, Internet, Social Networking
Products Computer games
Employees 18 employees
Available in English

Cmune is a Chinese software developer which was established in 2007. Cmune is the maker of UberStrike, a cross-platform computer game. Cmune has offices in Beijing, China[1] and San Francisco, United States.

Developed initially under the name Paradise Paintball, the first-person shooter (FPS) Uberstrike is a casual and multiplayer free-to-play 3D browser game. As of November 2012, it was the largest FPS inside Facebook. It is also available on its own website, and on the App Store for Mac and iOS.[2][3]


Cmune was founded in 2007 by Shaun Lelacheur Sales and Ludovic Bodin.[citation needed]

Paradise Paintball[edit]

Screenshot of in-game action for Paradise Paintball

Paradise Paintball was launched in November 2008. The game was ranked number 1 worldwide on Apple Dashboard for four months after its debut in November 2008 and was the first real-time 3D multiplayer game launched on Facebook[4] and MySpace, where it was awarded "Best New App" at GDC in March 2010.[5] Paradise Paintball was touted as the first 3D browser based game with real time micropayment systems, where users are able to purchase virtual goods without having to quit the game.[6]

"Paradise Paintball" was one of the first applications to be verified by Facebook.[7]


New UberStrike 4.3.3 logo.

The game was renamed UberStrike on November 16, 2010,[8] to align with the changes in theme and gameplay toward a fantasy shooter. In November 2012, UberStrike had over 1.3 million Monthly Active Users and 1.1 million Likes on Facebook, making it the first and largest FPS on Facebook for 2 years straight.[citation needed]

Uberstrike varied from Paradise Paintball in several ways such as the inclusion of many more weapons (Some of which cost points, which can be earned by playing the game, and some of which are purchased through micropayments), and the inclusion of an armor system, which can also be upgraded through micropayments.[9]

UberStrike was also available for free through the Mac App Store and can be access through their website. Both apps had improved graphics over the Cmune Portal.[citation needed] On June, 2013, Cmune announced the discontinuation of the Android, Mac and Windows Uberstrike apps.[10]

In October 2011, Cmune released an iPad beta version.

Uberstrike varies from Paradise Paintball in many ways. Some of the most recognized changes are the 'loss of paintball', which allowed for the inclusion of many more weapons (Some of which cost points, which can be earned by playing the game, and some of which cost credits, a form of currency that can only be bought using real-life currency), Another major change was in the gameplay itself- armor was introduced as a 'Armor Point Count' that constantly drained away but could be replenished using nearby respawning shields or buying a steady armor base with credits.

Current browser version: v4.6.10. Current mobile version: v4.6.0

Micropayment model[edit]

Cmune's games employ the micropayment business model through the sales of virtual goods.

On August 15, 2013, in the 4.4.1 update, Cmune announced a change to this model, allowing players to all the weapons (where as previously some of the items were accessible only through buying the in-game premium currency) now available with both the premium currency and the free earnable currency.[11]


On 28 May 2009, Paradise Paintball was selected as one of the winners Facebook fbFund 2009 program. The fbFund is run by Facebook, Accel Partners and The Founders Fund.[12][13]

Cmune was nominated for two Unity Awards: the Community Choice Award, which is chosen via poll, by users, and The Cross_Platform Award.[citation needed]

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