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CN, cn or other variants may refer to:


Media and entertainment[edit]



  • C.N. Jayadevan, Communist Party of India (Marxist) politician from Thrissur and Member of the Legislative Assembly in 1996
  • C.N. Ashwath Narayan (born 1969), Indian politician and a Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly
  • Chuck Norris (born 1940), American martial artist and actor



  • CN Centre, an arena in Prince George, British Columbia
  • CN Tower, communications and observation tower in Toronto, Ontario
  • People's Republic of China, a sovereign state located in East Asia, ISO 3166 country code CN

Science, medicine and technology[edit]


  • CN gas, a substituted acetophenone used as a riot control agent
  • Calcineurin, a protein phosphatase abbreviated CN
  • Copernicium, a chemical element with symbol Cn and atomic number 112
  • Cyanide, any chemical compound that contains a carbon atom triple-bonded to a nitrogen atom, -CN
    • Cyanide radical, one of the first detected molecules in the interstellar medium
  • Cyanogen, a colorless, toxic gas with a pungent odor, (CN)2


  • .cn, country code top-level domain for mainland China
  • Common Name, an attribute of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol protocol family
  • Common Name, an attribute of X.509 public-key certificates
  • Correspondent Node, part of the definitions for the Mobile IP protocols
  • VIA CN, a 64-bit CPU for personal computers


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