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CNN Arabic (Arabic: سي إن إن العربية‎) is a news website located in Dubai launched on 19 January 2002.[1] Part of the CNN network, it provides international news from an Arab perspective, with continuous updates on regional and international developments.

The CNN Arabic website is managed by a number of professional and experienced Arab journalists. The website consists of a number of sections, including world news, Middle East, science and technology, business, entertainment, and sports, in addition to special reports and videos. It has exclusive interviews with Arab sport stars and a daily report on Arab stock markets.

The website reflects debates on social media like Facebook, blogs, and Twitter,[clarification needed] and there is a daily poll on current affairs. The video section includes stories from politics, technology, business, culture, and arts.

The website provides a number of additional services such as a free email feed of breaking news, and breaking news via SMS. The website includes information about CNN network and advertising on television and the different websites.


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