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CNN-IBN 2010.png
Logo of CNN-IBN
Launched 16 December 2005
Network CNN
Owned by TV18 (Network 18) and Turner International India
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan "Whatever it takes"
"This is CNN-IBN"
Country India
Language English
Broadcast area India
Headquarters Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Sister channel(s) IBN7
CNN International

CNN - Indian Broadcasting Network (CNN - IBN) is an English-language news and current affairs television channel based in Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. It is jointly owned by TV18 Broadcast Limited (Network18) and Turner International India (Time Warner Inc.)[1]

CNN provides international coverage for the channel, while Indian Broadcasting Network concentrates on Indian and local reports.[2] The channel, like most of the other Indian English news-channels, is known for using a type of Indian English influenced by Hindi.[3]

In May 2014, Reliance Industries Limited announced it would be taking over Network18. The move is touted as "the biggest-ever deal in the Indian media space".[4] Reliance Industries already has indirect control in the TV18 network by virtue of investments it made in Network18 (starting from January 2012).[5][6]


Like elsewhere in the world, CNN International only reached the urban elites in India. In order to reach the Indian masses Time Warner together with an Indian company- Global Broadcast News (currently TV18 Broadcast Limited)- launched the India-specific CNN-IBN on 16 December 2005. CNN-IBN is completely run by TV18 Broadcast Limited, which only uses the Cable News Network (CNN) brand name.[7]

Currently, Time Warner's India-specific CNN-IBN is watched by more people than its CNN International, although both channels are in English.[7]

According to Network 18, since its inception, the channel has been reaching out to an average of 45 million households every day.[8]


  • IBN Morning: a quick wrap-up of top stories from the previous day on key topics[9][10]
  • Breakfast with India: a morning rolling news summary[11]
  • IBN News: a general news bulletin with live news updates[11]
  • IBN Sports: discusses and analyzes sports stories, results and performances, in India and abroad, hosted by Sanjeeb Mukherjea and Meha Bhardwaj[12][13]
  • Good Afternoon India: a mid-day news review[14]
  • Devil’s Advocate: news analysis hosted by journalist Karan Thapar, with some of the thinkers and newsmakers of the week. The show has received NT Awards and Asian Television Awards.[15][16]
  • News 360: a news bulletin covering top stories, including national, regional, international, business, sports and entertainment news[17][18]
  • The Last Word: news analysis and discussion[19][20]
  • India at 9: primetime news show, with stories from politics, sports, business, and entertainment from India and abroad, with analysis by Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, IBN Network.[21][22]
  • Face the People: an interactive show hosted by Sagarika Ghose, where she puts a current issue to test with a panel of subject experts and gets public opinion.[23][24]
  • Late Night Edition: news bulletin that wraps up the important news of the day, with analyses of their possible impact[11][25]
  • World View with Suhasini Haidar: hosted by Deputy Foreign Affairs Editor, Suhasini Haidar, a weekly analysis of top international stories, with a view on how India is affected by them, with analysis by foreign policy thinkers for debate on topical issues.[26][27]
  • The Citizen Journalist Show: a show promoting the involvement of ordinary citizens who are directly impacted by the issues on the ground in the entire news gathering process[11][28]
  • The Week That Wasn’t: a 30 minute spoof on the major news events of the week. The show looks at the major stories of the week with a satirical tone. The host is Cyrus Broacha.[29][30]
  • Now Showing: Bollywood news and gossip about Bollywood films, hosted by Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand
  • Living It Up: a series on health and wellness, with lifestyle information, including stories on preventive measures, healthy lifestyle and healthy food[31][32]
  • India Positive: hosted by Karma Paljor, the series showcases positive stories and acts in India[33]


Commonwealth Games Contract[edit]

On August 5, 2011 Comptroller and Auditor General of India's report on XIX Commonwealth Games was tabled in Parliament of India. In section 14.4.2 of the report, CAG alleged that while awarding contracts worth Rs 3.78 crore for production & broadcasting of commercials for promoting CWG-2010 to CNN-IBN & NDTV, the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee followed an arbitrary approach. Proposals were considered in an ad hoc manner, as and when a proposal was received; no form of competitive tendering was adopted. The CAG further said in its report that, "We had no assurance about the competitiveness of the rates quoted by these channels and the need and usefulness of these proposals. From March 2010 to June 2010, the entire pre games publicity and sponsorship publicity was done only on NDTV & CNN-IBN."[34][35][36]

Fake Twitter comments[edit]

A controversy about some fake Twitter comments that ran on the screen during a news show raised questions about the reliability of instant feedback from viewers. The officials later apologized saying that the source of viewer comment was wrongly stated as Twitter.[37]

Fake Live debate[edit]

On November 2012, on its prime time show Face The Nation, the channel broadcast a pre-recorded and edited interview of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as a live television debate. The show was hosted by the deputy editor of the channel, Sagarika Ghose, the wife of the channel's editor, Rajdeep Sardesai. On public outcry, the anchor issued a public apology on Twitter, web and TV.[38][39][40] The episode has not been hosted on the show's homepage.[41]

Firing crew[edit]

In August 2013, TV18 fired nearly 400 people from their various offices including CNN-IBN as a part of restructuring.The company however declined to further comment on the issue.[42]


In 2012, CNN-IBN won three awards at the Ramnath Goenka Awards: Anubha Bhonsle – Best Political Reporter, Preeti Singh – Best on the spot Reporter and Arijit Sen – Best reporter from North East.[43][44]

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