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CNW Group (CNW) is a Canadian-based commercial news release service established in 1960 and owned by PR Newswire. CNW was founded by Joseph Adair Porter Clark (1921-2013), who became CEO and President of the news service.[citation needed]

CNW distributes media materials on behalf of a variety of customers such as companies, governments, non-profit agencies and other establishments, such as Veterans Affairs Canada, OutRank by Rogers, and George Brown College. CNW distributes informational and promotional items for media outlets in a variety of formats such as press releases, photographs, corporate webcasts and B-Roll video footage. CNW offers MediaVantage, a web-based reputation management application and communications workflow solution. CNW was also a partner in the radio syndication service Canada's Business Network before the latter ceased broadcasting in November 2005.[citation needed]

The company is known in French as Groupe CNW and provides a substantial amount of media content in that language.[citation needed] Branch offices in Montreal and Quebec City are operated under the company's CNW Telbec division. CNW Group was formerly known as Canada NewsWire until 2004.[citation needed] Competitors in Canada include Marketwire and BusinessWire.

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