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COBISS (abbreviation for Co-operative Online Bibliographic System & Services) is an organisational model used to join libraries in a uniform library information system with shared cataloguing. It has many functions of the so-called virtual library. It is currently in use in Slovenia (COBISS.SI), Bosnia and Herzegovina (COBISS.BH), Republic of Macedonia (COBISS.MK), Serbia (COBISS.SR) and Montenegro (COBISS.CG). These information systems are autonomous, but share the platform. Over 350 libraries use COBISS software for the automation of their operations. COBISS.Net is the name of the network connecting the COBISS co-operative bibliographic systems of different countries.

COBISS has been developed by the Institute of Information Science (Slovene: Institut informacijskih znanosti, IZUM) from Maribor. In March 2011, all the management of IZUM decided to step down from their positions, the stated reason being the dismissive attitude of the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (led by Gregor Golobič) towards IZUM.[1][2]


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