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The CODA System is a role-playing game system designed by Decipher, Inc.


After Last Unicorn Games was purchased by Wizards of the Coast the Last Unicorn staff soon moved over to Decipher, Inc. to create their Star Trek Roleplaying Game, which used the CODA System.[1] The CODA System was also used, in an altered form, in their Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game. It uses six-sided dice, and a standard set of character statistics, as well as skills and edges (which are similar in function to the d20 System 'Feats'). Characters belong to a class, and can adopt more than one class as they progress.

The CODA System terms character leveling advancing and refers to characters as having N advancements rather than being of a particular level. Advancing gives the player a number of picks with which to buy upgrades to their character's statistics and abilities.

Characters have a total hit point pool segmented into health levels; each health level of damage incurred imposes a wound penalty to certain actions. Characters also have a number of 'weariness' levels; extended or intense activity can result in penalties to certain actions based on the number of weariness levels lost.


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