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Colt Group S.A.
(trading as Colt Technology Services)
Type Société anonyme in Luxembourg
Traded as LSECOLT
Industry Telecoms, Managed services
Founded 1992 (London)
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Key people Simon Haslam (Chairman)
Rakesh Bhasin (CEO)
Revenue 1,575.8 million (2013)[1]
Operating income 39.4 million (2013)[1]
Net income 38.0 million (2013)[1]

Colt Group S.A. (trading as Colt Technology Services, formerly COLT Telecom Group S.A.)[2] is a multinational telecommunications, IT managed services and data centre services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and with its registered office in Luxembourg.

Colt provides services to city-based large enterprise, small and midsize business and wholesale carriers in 22 countries across Europe. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


Colt was founded in 1992 by Jim Hynes with funds provided by Fidelity Investments as City Of London Telecommunications.[3] The company began to construct a telecoms network in London.[3] In 1993 it was awarded a licence to compete with British Telecom and Cable and Wireless in voice and data transmission.[3] It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1996.[3] The group later expanded into Europe, building networks in major European cities over the next 10 years.[3] In 2001 Fidelity helped the Company to raise a further £400m to finance its future activities.[4] In 2005 the company reached its first year of positive cash flow, and in 2007 its first year of profit. In April 2009 Colt completed an Open Offer raising €199.1m (including a €9.7m foreign exchange gain) before expenses with the issue of 211.0 million shares.[5] In 2010 Colt rebranded from COLT Telecom to Colt Technology Services, deleting the acronym City of London Telecommunications to reflect its paneuropean nature. The company now describes itself as an ‘information delivery platform’ rather than simply a telecommunications company, reflecting its provision of integrated computer and network services.[6] In May 2011 Colt acquired a majority shareholding in MarketPrizm, a provider of low latency market data and trading infrastructure services.[7]


Colt has offices in 21 European countries, the United States and India. The parent company is registered in Luxembourg, but its main centre of operations is based in the United Kingdom. Colt is organised into three customer facing business units: Colt Enterprise Services, Colt Communication Services and Colt Data Centre Services. Two other service units support the customer facing arms: Infrastructure Services and Business Services.[8]

Colt Enterprise Services[edit]

The Colt Enterprise Services business unit is aimed at customers with more than 1,000 employees. Sectors served include financial services, broadcast and media, legal and government bodies.[8]

Colt Communication Services[edit]

The Colt Communication Services business unit serves the needs of other operators by providing access to Colt’s European network and data centres. It serves midsize businesses typically with 30 to 1,000 employees.[8]

Colt Data Centre Services[edit]

The Colt Data Centre Services business unit delivers modular data centres.[8]


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