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COP Badel is a small combat outpost that was created near the village of Badel in the Narang District of Kunar Province Afghanistan. The small outpost was established in early 2009 by D company 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Regiment 3 BCT 10th Mountain Div on a small piece of high ground that the locals called Badel mountain. It was still considered to be in the low ground compared to the mountains to the north. It was placed at the opening of the Narang Valley that extended north towards the Shuryak and Korengal Valleys. COP Badel was always manned by one US Infantry Platoon and at least a squad of ANA at any given time. The outpost was attacked regularly with AK47, PKM, RPG, Diska, Recoilless rifle, ZPU, and 82mm mortars.