Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais

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Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais
Core logo.PNG
Active 1969–present
Country  Brazil
Type Law enforcement
Role Special Police Operations
Garrison/HQ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nickname CORE
Colors Black
Mascot M16 crossed and knife in the skull
Anniversaries 4 July 1969

The Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais (Portuguese for Coordination of Special Assets), best known by its acronym CORE, is a paramilitary police unit within the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State. It was formed on 4 July 1969 and is comparable to São Paulo's GOE.


  • Operations against organized crime
  • High-risk arrests
  • Hostage situation response
  • High-risk VIP's escort
  • Special anti-terrorism operations
  • Rescue operations in general including physical disasters


CORE helicopter – Bell Huey II

Its structure is composed of the following operating units:

  • Serviço de Operações e Táticas Especiais (SOTE) - Special Operations and Tactics Service
    • Seção de Operações Táticas (SOT) - Tactical Operations Section
    • Grupo de Operações Especiais (GOE) - Special Operations Group
    • Seção de Operações Aéreas (SOA) - Air Operations Section
    • Seção de Operações Marítimas e Ribeirinhas (SOMAR) - Maritime and Riverine Operations Section
    • Seção de Gerenciamento de Crises (SGC) - Crisis Management Section
    • Seção de Treinamento Especializado (STE) - Specialized Training Section
    • Seção de Logística e Equipamentos (SLE) - Logistic and Equipment Section
  • Serviço de Apoio Policial (SAP) - Police Support Service
  • Serviço de Planejamento Operacional (SPO) - Operational Planning Service
  • Serviço Aeropolicial (SAER) - Air Police Service
  • Esquadrão Anti-bomba (EAB) - Bomb Squad
  • Serviço de Suporte Operacional (SESOP) - Operational Support Service



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