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Type Private
Industry Video games
Fate Dissolved
Founded Kings Yard, London
Founders Clem Chambers
Products Tau Ceti, Academy

CRL Group plc is a defunct British video game development and publishing company. Originally CRL stood for "Computer Rentals Ltd.". It was based in King's Yard, London and run by Clem Chambers.[1]

They released a number of notable adventure games based on horror stories, such as Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein. Dracula and Frankenstein were awarded "15" certificates by the British Board of Film Censors for their graphics depicting bloody scenes, while Jack the Ripper and Wolfman gained "18" certificates.

CRL-published games that achieved critical success include Tau Ceti and Academy.

The 1984 game of the series Terrahawks was one of the first video games based on a TV show.[2]

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In issue 97 of Retro Gamer Magazine as part of the magazine's regular From The Archive series, Graeme Mason interviewed several members of the CRL staff including Andrew Stoddart, Jeff Lee and, of course, Clem Chambers.

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