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CSM may refer to the following:

Post-nominal letters[edit]

Computers and information technology[edit]

  • Cascaded Shadow Maps, a form of shadow mapping in computer graphics design
  • Certified Scrum Master, a certification for Scrum (software development)
  • Certified Software Manager, a certification for Software Licensing and Compliance subject matter experts by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
  • Communications Support Module (CSM) An IBM term for the support of Single Sign On SSO in its Informix Database.
  • Compatibility Support Module, a part of the Intel Platform Innovation Framework for EFI providing the capability to support legacy BIOS interfaces
  • Computational Science Modeling, constructing models and quantitative analysis techniques and using computers to analyze and solve scientific problems.
  • Computational Solid Mechanics, computer modeling of solid matter, typically with finite elements
  • Content storage management, an audio, video and rich media archiving technology originally conceived by Front Porch Digital
  • Cisco Content Switching Module, an add-on to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch or the Cisco 7600 Series Router
  • Counter-Strike Manager, a Counter-Strike based browser game
  • Council of Stellar Management, an Eve Online player-elected council to represent the views of the players to CCP Games. See Eve Online#Council of Stellar Management
  • IBM Cluster Systems Management, management for IBM Power Systems servers running AIX or Linux operating system, as well as Linux on x64 rack and blade servers. (Superseded by IBM Systems Director)
  • CSM, Cisco Security Manager helps to enable consistent policy enforcement and rapid troubleshooting of security events, offering summarized reports across the security deployment.

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