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Academic Mission Centers
California State University Channel Islands
Camarillo, California
Centers and Institutes
Mission Based Centers Center of Community Engagement
Center of Integrative Studies
Center of International Affairs
Center of Multicultural Engagement
Other Centers Center of Excellence
Institutes Small Business Institute
Alzheimer's Institute

California State University, Channel Islands located in Camarillo, California has five different academic centers, four of which are mission-based:[1] the Center for Community Engagement, the Center for Integrative Studies, the Center for International Affairs, the Center for Multicultural Engagement, and the Center for Excellence. It currently has two institutes, the Small Business Institute and the Alzheimer's Institute.[2][3] The first two centers began in 2005: the Center for Integrative Studies and the Center for International Affairs.[4]

CSUCI has created a policy for the creation of academic centers. All centers and institutes must support the CSUCI mission. Mission specific centers are developed with the primary purpose of enabling the CSUCI faculty to support the mission of the university. Centers "cut across disciplines and have co-curricular implications". Institutes and other centers are created with the intent to "provide a necessary service, program, or disciplinary or interdisciplinary focus for the university and/or community".[5]


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