Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club

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Full name Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club
Nickname(s) Carboneros, Peñarol
Founded 28 September 1891
Dissolved 22 January 1915; 99 years ago (1915-01-22) [a]
Chairman Percy Sedgfield

Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club is a defunct Uruguayan sports club, originally established as a cricket and football institution by British railway workers. The football section of the club is also a predecessor of current Club Atlético Peñarol.


The team that won its first Primera División championship in 1900.
Poster of a match between C.U.R.C.C. and Albion in 1900.

Railway origins[edit]

By the end of 1899 the British Central Uruguay Railway Company of Montevideo, that operated in Uruguay since 1878, acquired the lands located in the neighborhood of Villa Peñarol to establish its train repair shops there, moving them from Bella Vista. Those lands had been used for agriculture only and famous because of the best quality of its vineyards and fruits.

Due to the industrial activity, the village became populous. The sons of blonde Albion, who were part of the company, decided to found a sports centre that serve as recreation to people that lived around the work shops.[1]


According to the club's foundation charter, the club was established on 28 September 1891 by the workers and employees of the Central Uruguay Railway Company of Montevideo, with the purpose of stimulating the practice of cricket, football and "other male sports" (literal from the Spanish). The first committee was formed by eight members: Mr. Hudson, Lucy, Moor, Davenport, Hopkins, Davies and Penny. They chose Mr. Henderson as the first president of the club. The membership fee was established in $ 0,50.

One day later, the committee resolved to name the club "Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club". That same day two members of the committee were chosen to write the rules, while two other members were chosen to search for a field to practice sports. The club also designated three members to take over advertising with the purpose of bringing new members to the institution.

The article I of club's statute stated that the club colors would be black and orange and that only workers of Central Railway would be admitted as members. Nevertheless the committee could admit people outside the company but they were not allowed to vote in case of being accepted.[1]

C.A. Peñarol[edit]

Having been established as a cricket club, football began to be practised at CURCC in 1892, relegating other sports, such as cricket and rugby. The first football match played by CURCC was that same year versus a combined team of English High School. The match was won by CURCC 3-2. The club was also known as "Peñarol" due to the neighborhood where it had been established.

In 1912 a new committee was organized in order to review some of the CURCC statute books. The proposals were to give a bigger participation to non-railway employed members. Another suggestion was to rename the club "CURCC Peñarol". Due to financial problems and conflicts between the railway company workers and the managers, the CURCC transferred the football area to its members on 13 December 1913, as they had requested one month before. The football division kept the name "CURCC Peñarol" although on 12 March 1914 it changed its name to "Club Atlético Peñarol", which it has remained ever since.[2]

Since the secession, the CURCC focused on cricket exclusively until the club was dissolved in 1915.[3]


The Rocket locomotive served as inspiration for the colors.

Since the club was established, its colors have been dark yellow and black.[4] They were inspired in the Rocket locomotive that had been designed by George Stephenson in 1829.

Kit evolution[edit]

1891-96 [4][5]
1896-1905 [b]
1911-13 [c]


The 1905 squad won the third title for the club.


1900, 1901, 1905, 1907, 1911
1901, 1902, 1904, 1905, 1907, 1909, 1910


1909, 1911 [6]


  1. ^ The date of dissolution refers to the CURCC as a cricket institution, so the football section had separated in 1913 as the Club Atlético Peñarol.
  2. ^ Worn by Peñarol as its 3rd. uniform for the 1996-97 and 2011-12 seasons, as an homage to CURCC's most famous jersey.
  3. ^ It indicates until 1913 due to the football section separated from CURCC, establishing Club Atlético Peñarol, which has been wearing the same uniform up to present days.


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