Cabécar language

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Native to Costa Rica
Region Turrialba Region (Cartago Province)
Native speakers
8,800  (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 cjp
Glottolog cabe1245[2]

The Cabécar language is an indigenous American language of the Chibchan language family which is spoken in Costa Rica. Specifically, it is spoken in the inland Turrialba Region of the Cartago Province. 80% of speakers are monolingual. The language is also known by its dialect names Chirripó and Estrella.[1]


Cabécar uses a Latin alphabet with umlauts for (ë, ö), and tildes for (ã, ẽ, ĩ, õ, ũ).[3]


Cabécar has twelve vowels, five of which are nasalized.[3]


Cabécar has a canonical word order of subject–object–verb.[1]


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